MFG is the floral styling persona of head designer Sara-Lee.
A true florist in every essence of the word, she is totally head over heels passionate about natures beauty, seeing design in everything our planet creates. 
MFG creates some of the most beautiful flowers | weddings | events from her homebase at the top of the South, Nelson + Blenheim.
With 20 years in the industry both overseas & local SL is known as one of        New Zealand’s leading award winning florists.


Having a passion for the world of flowers and an empathy to helping her clients visions and thoughts come to life is an inspiration. 

Miss FlowerGirl really does take nature in hand & her ethos is that
'The intention is pure,  it is the flowers that will share your emotions + life is about Cherishing each Moment'.
The Miss FlowerGirl Design Portfolio includes:
  • Magazine Styling
  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Movie Sets
  • Window Dressing
  • Product Launches
  • Film Premieres
  • Soirees
  • Corporate Receptions
  • Dinner Galas
  • Private yachts & Boat Launches
  • House Flowers